The Knights of the Auto Order Proudly Present: The Auto Body Estimate: Vol. II, #74, July 2007

Erik got bitten at daycare the other day. I’m told this is fairly common and not a big deal. He certainly didn’t seem traumatized. Apparently he wasn’t bitten by a big bully, rather by a younger kid they’re beginning to transition from the infant room into Erik’s toddler room. Apparently Erik climbed on top of the little guy who responded by biting his way out. Which makes it all the more tragic they’ll have to put the kid down. I mean – he’s tasted human flesh, right?

I think I’m starting to get this whole parenting thing: there are just a few loose ends, mostly surrounding the theme of responsibility. I still haven’t bought a cell phone, and I think that as a parent I probably should – just in case Erik’s in the car when it breaks down during a snowstorm miles away from help or whatever. So I’ve been thinking of cell phones lately and was reminded of the following story, which is nearly true, although the names have been changed and the details have been altered. (Special thanks to Joe Lenarz).

A few years ago a friend of ours (we’ll call him Ed) went to a developers’ convention in California. At one point he found himself seated in a small stall when he heard a voice from the adjacent stall ask: “How’s it going?” Although this struck Ed as weird (in this most private of all rooms), he embodies the best of Midwest stereotypes – he’s an extremely nice and friendly guy. Thinking perhaps that this type of communication is common on the west coast he responds; "Uh...fine."

Other Guy: “What are you doing?”
Ed: "...I'm here for the conference"
OG: "Will you be done soon?"
Ed: "Uh...I'm staying till the end of the session."
OG: “Listen, I’ll call you back – some guy thinks I’m talking to him!”

I know people who get upset when others use cell phones in public. I’m able to find some good in this behavior. While (as I mentioned above) I don’t have a cell phone, I often find myself involuntarily talking to myself in public. On occasion, someone will catch me doing it, and modern technology offers me an “out”. I simply put my hand up to my ear (like I’m positioning a tiny ear piece) and say: “Listen, I’ll call you back -- some guy thinks I’m talking to myself!”

At this point you may be asking yourself if I am actually writing to YOU. Of course I am. And why? To tell you about a really fun gig we’re playing on Saturday, August 4th. We’ll be celebrating Twin Cities Public Television’s 50th Anniversary in downtown Saint Paul (172 East 4th Street between Jackson & Sibley). We’ll play on the main stage (with excellent sound and lighting), starting around 3:30 and playing until 5:00. Did I mention it’s free, outdoors, and includes all kinds of enticements for kids? More details can be found here:

This is probably it for free outdoor Auto Body gigs this year, (and we’re not playing at the Eagles in August) so please come down and join us. And if you see me talking to myself, please assume that I’m borrowing Tom’s phone.

Love, Scott Yoho, Grand Pooh Bah, Knights of the Auto Order

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