The Knights of The Auto Order Proudly Present
Volume II, Number 41 The Auto Body Estimate Dec '99: Email-only Edition

This is the first e-mail-only Auto Body Estimate. I don't really have a gig to promote, but I wanted to remind you that we do have a new CD, and that it would make an excellent holiday gift, and that you can buy it from me, Cheapos, The Electric Fetus, or To see us on Amazon, go to the recently updated Coda site at, click on "How To Buy", and hit the AOL link there. If you decide to buy a CD after having arrived there in this manor, we get a little kickback! If you do happen to check out our little corner of, perhaps you could contribute a review of the CD there as well.

So - an e-mail only estimate. Let's see if I can limit my ramblings to the topics of e-mail and computers. My friend and coworker Michael Johnson always has inspirational quotes as part of his e-mail signature. A recent on was:

"Failure is impossible" - Susan B. Anthony

I thought this was pretty funny as she's pictured on the most poorly received U.S. coin minted this century.

Becca asked her mom what she'd like for Christmas.

"Oh, I don't know... a computer game that even I could play. Like Frogger, but with Martha Stewart."

I think she's on to something there. My version would be a little more like Tetris, where men would be trying to put drinks down on furniture throughout your house, and you'd have to keep slipping coasters under them. With successive rounds, different (and more valuable) antique furniture would appear, and if drinks did mar the furniture, increasing amounts would automatically be deducted from your credit card. The game would end when your credit card limit was reached, or when your hubby saw the bill, or when you lost your composure and killed all these stupid men with a fine stainless steel kitchen knife.

A second video game in the Martha Stewart series would have you push a cart through a grocery store. The object would be to complete a randomly-generated shopping list. The PG version would have your score decrease if you stuck small children (or the elderly) who'd pop out as you raced around corners. Better yet, the thing could be hooked up to a treadmill, so the speed of the cart would depend on how fast you ran, so you'd actually get some real exercise. And updates could add actual real grocery store layouts from across the country, and you could play against other shoppers.

Speaking of shopping, wouldn't it be easier to give Auto Body CDs (which you could get from us or to your loved ones rather than shopping for some other less desirable gift in some overcrowded and overheated store?

You betcha.

Happy holidays, Scott and The Auto Body Experience


Three CDs now available:

A Tribute To Carhenge (1999)

Smash Hits (1995)

Self-Titled (1992)

CDs are $12 each - include $2 shipping per order. Make checks payable to Scott Yoho and send to:

Scott Yoho /1367 Palace Ave/St. Paul, MN 55105

Want to be taken off this list? Just let me know, but please be gentle - I didn't mean any harm.

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