The Knights of the Auto Order Proudly Present:
The Auto Body Estimate: Vol. II, #28, September '96:

The main purpose of this missive is to let you know that the Auto Body Experience WILL NOT be playing at the Cabooze on Thursday, August 19th. If this disrupts your summer plans, and you feel the need to vent your frustration, there's just one person to blame. Tom. That's right, Auto Body bassist Tom Larson, who seemed like such a nice boy, has thrown the proverbial monkey wrench in the works. And for what? SOMETHING AS TRIVIAL AS A PAID VACATION IN BRAZIL. Can you imagine? Yes, young Tom will be performing his soundman duties once again for guitarist Michael Hedges, this time in Rio, or thereabouts. Inexplicably, Tom would prefer this to playing the Cabooze on a Thursday night with us. While we search for a new bassist who's got his/her priorities straight, Tom (and the Car Horns) will be joining us when we play the rescheduled gig on Thurs, Sept 19 at The Cabooze. Machinery Hill will play first, we'll go on around 10:30, and The Swamp Sextet will finish off the evening, after Dan gets done playing his accordion at a Thai restaurant in St. Paul. Not only do both of these other bands feature the accordion, but they also boast new infants. If, like me, you prefer dogs to children, we can avoid looking at baby pictures during the breaks by discussing my upcoming trip to Dog Camp. Really!

Since these schedule changes happened kind of fast, I didn't have the time to prepare a proper Estimate, so to fill up this card (and to insure I'm forced to use such a tiny font size that Nancy Cohen can't read this), I'll include some merchandising ideas that I stole from the John Tesh newsletter. Let me know which of the following items you'd be most interested in purchasing, and we'll start manufacturing them right away: