The Knights of the Auto Order Proudly Present:
The Auto Body Estimate: Vol. II, #25, March '96:

As my day job involves speaking with disgruntled customers on the phone, I'm not unfamiliar with harsh language. It has come to my attention that many popular curses involve suggesting that the recipient engage in some sex act. To my way of thinking, this might be misconstrued as a blessing. Therefore, in order to be perfectly clear, I'd like everyone to adopt my new curse: "Oh yeah? Go smell the kitchen sponge!"

You may have noticed that our February 8th gig at the Cabooze didn't happen. It seems that the roof leaked a bunch of water onto the stage area, and my offer to wear swim trunks did not convince the safety-conscious management to let the show go on. It could have been worse. The Red Sea Bar had a bomb scare that same night. (Really!) The sad thing is that the last time we played the Cabooze, it was so cold that Governor Arne canceled school, and not even the promise of seeing my toothpick legs poking out of swim trunks convinced many of the safety-conscious bar patrons to leave home. So before the Cabooze decides that the Auto Body Experience is nothing but a cursed lot, please come hear us on bassist Tom's birthday, Thurs, Feb 22nd at the recently rinsed Cabooze (917 Cedar Ave on Mpls' West Bank: 338-6425). Once again, Gary Rue & The Law will open, we'll play around 10:30, and Slip Twister will put the final touches on a lovely evening.

Next we'll join Rounder Records recording artists Brave Combo Thurs, March 7th at 7th St. Entry (7th Street and 1st Ave in Mpls: 338-8388) We'll go on some-time after 9:00, to be followed by The Swamp Sextet and (yes, Virginia, it's really true) Denton Texas' own Brave Combo!

As the Feb 8th debacle proves, it's always a good idea to call the club before you saddle your llama.

-Scott Yoho, Grand Pooh-Bah, Knights of the Auto Order

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