The Auto Body Estimate: Vol. II, Num. 23, Episode ILV. Dec. 95:

Like the action taken by the woman who was unhappy with a particular variety of her favorite tropical fruit, or that of the thoughtful escort of the incontinent,

We're changing our dates!

(or at least one of them)

Wednesday, Dec. 13th

(not Thursday the 14th as previously advertised)

is Exploding Swamp Body

Night at the Cabooze

(917 Cedar Ave, Mpls' West Bank) Featuring:

Smelker's Swamp Sextet

(Blues-y, Cajun-y goodness)

The Auto Body Experience

(wacky pop with cheese)

& The ExplodoTones

(modern skinny tie pop)

As far as I know there will be no cover. Call the Cabooze for details: 338-6425. (It never hurts to call ahead!)

If you get this in time, don't forget:

The Auto Body Experience is at the

Fine Line on Sat, Dec. 2nd around 11:00pm.

(318 First St., Mpls) Call 338-8181.

Now you can download our CarTune from AOL: do a software search for AutoBodyX!

(Editor's note: now it's on our website at

Here's the latest from the book of Wedding Band tales. A while back I missed a wedding gig, and was replaced by our friend Aldo. When a portly, cowboy boot-encrusted guest requested that they play a slow, country waltz for Harry and Marie's 65th wedding anniversary, the city boys in the band were stumped. Finally Aldo said: "I've got one in A, here we go!" and counted them off as the elderly couple began to creak on the dance floor. Kent recalls the chords were easy to follow, but he had a hard time finishing the chorus when Aldo sang the hook line: "Here's A Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares".

As the holiday season approaches, remember it's better to give than receive, and it's even better to give our CD as a present!

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