The Ministry of Cropaganda Presents the Official Newsletter of The Knights of The Auto Order

Volume II, Num. 18 The Auto Body Estimate Episode XXXX, Nov. '93


First, the important news. This will be the last estimate you receive -- unless you mail us back the enclosed postcard, which verifies your address and other pertinent information. So if you want to hear from us again, please send it in, and if you hate getting those pesky little cards, today's your lucky day!

I've had some strange experiences in the auto lately. I remember driving past the Lutheran Church of the Risen Christ, and was puzzled by the "Risen" part. Is this to distinguish Him from other Christs? Were the church founders concerned that folks would first think of Judith Christ the novelist, for example?

I had another experience while driving half-asleep from Uptown to Highland Park on 94E. As it was a particularly hot day, I wasn't surprised at the gigantic construction-induced back-up, I just got off on Hiawatha and took the back way home through south Minneapolis. Anyone who has ridden with me knows that I constantly skip from station to station on my car radio, searching for that "just right" program. This particular time I had stopped on "Fresh Air", featuring Johnny Fields' old time country program. Mr. Fields was playing a late '40's tune in which a woman sang that some people suppose Hitler didn't die in that bunker, and that he's still alive in South America. All she knew for sure is that anytime we're cruel, selfish, or turn our backs on our fellow man, then Hitler lives. A decent thought, right? So picture me if you will, a little groggy and slow to catch on, windows rolled down, radio turned up, stopped at a busy stop light with the chorus of this song blaring "Hit-ler Lives! Hit-ler Lives!"

Loosely along the lines of saying one thing and

meaning another, I submit this: At right you

will find a copy of an ad promoting T-shirts which

features a drawing of a woman in a bikini which

disappears as your body temperature heats up

the shirt. My thought was: "What a waste of good technology!" I'd print up

PRO LIFE shirts, sell them in front of Planned Parenthood for $5 each, and watch the fun when the ink heats up, LIFE goes away, and CHOICE appears underneath! Send us your ideas for disappearing ink shirts!

And now a word from our sponsor. On Thursday, November 11, The Auto Body Experience returns to The Cabooze after a summer of near-total lethargy. I say near-total because we did manage to write a bunch of new songs, which we'll play at this show. In addition, most of us changed our day-gig status. (I was considering a career in crime, but I couldn't keep UZI, ISUZU and OUZO straight...) Anyway, here's the truly great line up, in order of appearance: Pimentos For Gus, The Auto Body Experience, and Rex Daisy.

Love, Scott Yoho, Grand Pooh-Bah, Knights of The Auto Order

THURSDAY, NOV. 11 THE ABE at THE CABOOZE: call 338-6425 for directions.

PS: CDs are $12; tapes $8: add $2 postage per order to: ABE 1367 Palace Av St Paul. MN 55105

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