The Ministry of Cropaganda Presents the Official Newsletter of The Knights of The Auto Order
Volume II, Num. 13 The Auto Body Estimate Episode XXXV, Dec '92

We've all heard about the granddaddy of all marketing snafus: when GM couldn't figure out why their new car wasn't selling well south of the border until someone finally told them that Nova means "no go" in Spanish. Well, I just heard of another. After McDonalds had such great success with their new breakfast menu a few years back, all the other burger chains soon followed suit, each modifying the idea only slightly. Burger King's big departure was to make several bite-sized pieces of hash browns rather than one large patty. They came up with a cute name and even had the menu boards printed up when someone pointed out there might be some misunderstandings, especially in college communities, when one advertises the sale of Hash Brownies.

Speaking of marketing, are you in a gift buying quandary? Remember, we are the appointed purveyors of a veritable cornucopia of mirthful products. (In other words: Our Tapes, CDs and Shirts make swell gifts - see other side!) Hey, last time I forgot to thank Dave Rassmussen, who's the guy who brought the ABE to Dr. Demento's attention. I also want to thank Mr. Elk, who sent us a lovely card which we'll share next time, and finally, I'd like to thank everyone who came out and heard us and/or enjoyed our fine products in 1992 - you sure made it fun. Thanks.

Yow! Here's some last minute gigs:

Mon, Dec 14th at Seventh Street Entry with Chicago's own IKE REILEY and The Andy Sullivan Orchestra. Doors open at 8:00, we play at 9:00. Admission is $4, unless you have this lovely card, which let's you in free as a special holiday gift from us! check it out:

Please admit 2 people to the Entry on Mon, Dec 14 for Free! That's right, Steve said I could do this!

Wed, Dec 16th at The Rox Bar, 506 Mall Germain, St Cloud (259-6807) with Reynold's Remarkable Rhythm Cattle! Plus, the ABE will be joined by the Car Horns, that swingging, three-piece sax section featuring Kim Gast, Al Asmus and Al Schumacher.

I guess Trip Shakespeare is in the main room on Monday so maybe you could get Experienced and Shakespearienced! And I guess this Ike Reiley cat is pretty cool - his sax player, Mars Williams used to play the Psychedelic Furs, Hal Russel's group, The Swollen Monkeys and beyond. Should be a swell show. And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

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