The Knights of the Auto Order Proudly Present: The Auto Body Estimate: Vol. II, #120, March 2017

On Friday, June 23 the Auto Body Experience will play its final gig. We plan to make it a good one and hope you can join us at the Minneapolis Eagles #34, likely starting around 8:00 PM. I envision something more like a rollicking New Orleans funeral than a somber wake. Heck, we’re hoping that Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Dr. John and the other folks that joined the Band for their last "Last Waltz" concert will join us too, but we’re having some difficulty getting in touch with them all. Maybe we'll have better luck enlisting some Auto Body alumni to join us. We'll see.

That’s what I know for now. Please put the date on your calendar and consider rescheduling your Everest climb to keep the 23rd free.

In the meantime, check out our 2016 CD, Infinite Potential, either directly from us, or via iTunes, and investigate a few Auto Body videos  from last summer's CD release show.

Before I go, here's an experience you might convert into a parenting tip. Recently we took the boys out to Lucille's, our favorite breakfast place, which was predictably busy. As we waited for a table, the kids were reasonably patient for a while, but soon began to fidget at a frequency that threatened to break glass. I noticed a stack of local arts flyers, found two pens, and encouraged each boy to put an "F" in front of every occurrence of "art" they found. They enjoyed seeing people appointed to the "farts board," joining the "farts council," and just generally "supporting the farts."

I figure everyone has some kind of superpower, even if it's plain silliness. The secret is to find the perfect situation for your powers to shine. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Again, plan to join us on Friday, June 23. And remember to support the, uh, arts.

Love, Scott Yoho, Grand Pooh-Bah, Knights of the Auto Order

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