The Knights of the Auto Order Proudly Present: The Auto Body Estimate: Vol. II, #113, July 2013

I like old stuff. From guitars to bikes to cars, from amps to radios to anything with dusty vacuum tubes and Bakelite knobs, I like it. These things don’t even have to work for me to enjoy them. I even like stuff that merely appears to be old. I recently saw an iPhone cover that looked like a vintage cassette tape. This tickled me so much I gave several away as gifts.

I also like old words, like “lax,” which I understand to mean “Lacking in rigor, strictness, or firmness.” It’s a good summer word, and something I’d love to be able to bestow upon our nation’s ever-bickering politicians. I also like “lackadaisical,” but not quite with the same fervor I have for “lax.” I do, however, think it should be okay to combine them when you’re feeling “laxadaisical,” or, “lacking in vigor about lacking in rigor.” As long as we’re making up new words, maybe when you are laxadasical by accident it could be “whoops-a-laxa-daisical.”

And I probably shouldn’t even mention “whoops-an-exlax-adasical…”

Talk about whoops-a-daisy, the other day my stepmom drove to well-known big box store (it certainly wasn’t Dress Barn) on an errand. Immediately upon pulling into the lot, she got out her iPhone and made a quick call before getting out of the car and going inside. As she spoke she noticed a woman in the lot looking at her very strangely. Thinking nothing other than “Huh, weird lady,” she soon completed her call and went into the store.

Soon thereafter she decided to call my dad on some details, so she pulled out her phone and rang him, too. As they were talking an employee approached her very cautiously and asked if everything was all right.

As it turns out, a concerned customer had brought it to the employee’s attention that a crazy woman was speaking into a cassette tape. Clearly someone needs to be a little more laxadasical in their judgment of others!

If your plans for Thursday, July 25 are currently lax, please consider joining us for a free, all-ages, outdoor show at the beautiful Lake Harriet Bandshell. Not unlike the iPhone cover that looks like a cassette, our set list promises to be a perfect blend of old and new Auto Body Laxperience tunes. Sadly, licensing concerns prevent us from performing “Careful with that Lax, Eugene” or “All You Need is Lax,” but we might change the street signs to read Lax Harriet. If you can join us, and the weather holds, this promises to be the gig of the year. We hope to see you there!

Love, Scott Yoho, Grand Pooh Bah, The Laxidaisical Knights of the Auto Order

The Bandshell is at 4135 West Lake Harriet Parkway in Minneapolax. See their full schedule here.
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