The Ministry of Cropaganda Proudly Presents the Official Newsletter of The Knights of The Auto Order:
Volume II, Number 6
The Auto Body Estimate Episode XXVIII, Nov 1991

Phweew! Am I glad the Thomas confirmation hearings are over. I was so afraid that Pee Wee Herman was going to be implicated, and they'd have him in to testify, and just being seen in the same room with all those slimy senators would put the nails in his professional coffin. Another thing to be thankful for is we won't have to hear people wrestling over the pronunciation of harassment any more. My personal view on this one is that only those with a guilty conscience would ever choose the British "hair-s-ment" just to avoid saying;


Okay, off to the World Series, and the victorious Minnesota Twins. I have to admit I'm a sort of fair weather fan, and that I don't watch every game throughout the season, so it's understandable that a few questions might come up. The one that's really bugging me happens when a pitcher has just started to give up some runs and the manager walks out to the mound and speaks with the "hurler". What could the manager possibly say which hasn't occurred to the player before?

Try to throw a strike.

Remember, it's bad when he hits the ball.

I love the discrete way you adjust your cup, you vixen.

Got any gum?

Enough of this foolishness. I had an inspired idea the other day for housing the homeless: book them on a Northwest flight and have them arrive at the airport an hour before take-off. From my experience they could get a good night's rest before the plane ever budges, and then right as they begin boarding, the tickets could be exchanged for another flight.

The reason I'm writing to you at this time is that a lot of new gigs have come up at the last minute, so here they are:

Sundays, Nov 3rd and 10th: The Theatre Garage:
The Sleepers Final Shows: To Sleep, Perchance to Recoup Our Net Losses

Yes, Kent Taylor, Gary Rue and the whole group are breaking up, but before they do they're having a crazy variety-show; guests include Joel Hodgson, The Collective, Curtiss A., Trova, The Auto Body Experience, etc... The shows run November 1-3 & 7-10, but due to our extensive touring schedule, the Auto Body boys will only appear on the Sunday night shows at The Theatre Garage at Franklin and Lyndale / Sleepers Hotline 341-2224 or call the Theatre Garage at 870-0723.

Fri, Nov 8th: The Cabooze with Sam I Am and another swell guest. On a weekend night! We play first so show up by 9:00 to get the most for your entertainment dollar. 917 Cedar Av, Mpls; 338-6425.

Mon, Dec 2nd: The Fine Line with Something Fierce: It was gonna be on Tuesday but we changed it! We're first again, for your convenience... 318 1st Av N, Mpls 338-8100.

Mon, Dec 9th: We play live on KVSC radio in St. Cloud! Call 255-3066 for info.

Tues, Dec 10th: We're at the Red Carpet in St. Cloud! All Night! Please come down and drown out the requests for Skynyrd! Please!!

Tues, Jan 7th: Our taped appearance on My Show will appear on Mpls Cable Channel 33. I believe showtime is 10:00 pm. Check that TV Guide.

Always, Always, Always, call ahead to confirm the gig prior to booking your flight!

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