The Ministry of Cropaganda Proudly Presnets
The Auto Body Estimate
Volume II, Number 3, Episode XXV, Parts and labor extra.

Usually I start this thing off with some attempted witticisms, but not today. I'll no longer try to endear you to our cause before blurting out the selfish begging, pleading request which inspires these correspondences:

Please visit us at The Fine Line on Tuesday, June 4th when we warm up the fantabulous Something Fierce. On this spectacular evening we will be playing new and used Auto Body tunes, including:

Plus even more songs about vegetables, fungus, animals rights, cellular phones, manicures, and much, much more...

And now I'll leave you with two closing questions. The first concerns slang terminology: let's say a guy calls a phone sex provider, and instead of playing out the guy's fantasy, which would satisfy him, the woman on the other end keeps him on the line extra long, costing the caller more cash. In the current vernacular, is she "jerking him off"?

My second concerns dogs. Why is it that Gizmo, like most dogs, loves to stick his head out the car window, but hates it when I blow in his face? Hint: let's rule out halitosis as a factor here, and please don't ask why I'm blowing in my dog's face.

Thanks, Scott, Gizmo, & The Experience

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