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Band History

The Auto Body Experience VII

Clockwise from upper left: Dean White (drums), Jason Weismann (saxophones), Tom Larson (bass and vocals), Kent Peterson (percussion and vocals), Tom Twiss (trumpet, flugelhorn and vocals), Scott Yoho (guitar and vocals), and Doug Rohde (keyboards).

This is the touring group today. (That’s what we call driving to the bar.) If you're keeping score, Doug Rohde played his first official gig with us in March 2009.

The Auto Body Experience VI

Clockwise from upper left: Tom Larson (bass and vocals), Dean White (drums), Kent Peterson (percussion and vocals), Jason Weismann (saxophones), Tom Twiss (trumpet, flugelhorn and vocals), Scott Yoho (guitar and vocals), and Greg H. Smith (keyboards).

The Auto Body Experience V

Clockwise from upper left: Kent Peterson (percussion and vocals), Tom Larson (bass and vocals), Trey ZehrGrimm (keyboards and vocals), Max Wendt (saxophones), Tom Twiss (trumpet, flugelhorn and vocals), Scott Yoho (guitar and vocals), and Dean White (drums)

This is the band that plays on "Forgotten Lots" (although Jim and Bill contributed bits as well).

The Auto Body Experience IV

Clockwise from upper left: Matt Jacobs (drums), Tom Larson (bass and vocals), Max Wendt (saxophones), Mike Dripps (keyboards), Jim Guckenberg (percussion), Scott Yoho (guitar and vocals), and Tom Twiss (trumpet, flugelhorn and vocals)

This is the official group from "A Tribute to Carhenge", as well as the group that played the Carhenge CD release party (which may someday be released on DVD). Mike Dripps continues to play in Synergy and Steeling Dan and work with Scott during the day. Jim had to move to Wisconsin to live down the shame of becoming a lawyer. Matt now plays with Lehto and Wright.

The Auto Body Experience III

Clockwise from upper left: Mike Dripps (keyboards), Scott Yoho (guitar and vocals), Matt Jacobs (drums), Max Wendt (saxophones), Tom Larson (bass and vocals), Tom Twiss (trumpet, flugelhorn and vocals), and Bill Scherer (keyboards, guitar and vocals)

Every member of this band contributed to “A Tribute to Carhenge”. Bill even lead sang the hidden track (he’s an amazing singer), before leaving the band after our three-gig spring tour (including North Dakota) proved too arduous.

The Auto Body Experience II

Left to right: Matt Jacobs (drums), Tom Hambleton (keyboards and vocals), Scott Yoho (guitar and vocals), and Erik Fratzke (bass and vocals)

This edition played half the songs on the self-titled CD (is pictured on the cover) and plays all the songs on "Smash Hits". In the new millennium Tom creates music for film (among other things) under the moniker of UnderTone while Erik plays with Dave in Happy Apple, plays guitar in Zebulon Pike and is likely involved in dozens of other adventures in musical mayhem.

The Auto Body Experience I

Left to right: Tom Hambleton (keyboards and vocals), Scott Yoho (guitar and vocals), Pete Linman (bass and vocals), and Dave King (drums)

This is the first official version of the band, playing our first gig at the 400 Bar on 9/23/90, and performing half the tunes on the self-titled CD. Today Dave plays in Happy Apple (with Erik Fratzke), The Bad Plus and others. Pete played with Rhea Valentine and Gosh (with Dave King) and was run over by a cow in India. This may explain his continued interest in playing experimental muzak and his willingness to work with Tom Twiss during the day.