'Cause I'm A Salesman words and music by Scott Yoho

As a kid I saw my dad go off to work
He ran the family photographic store
He wore a suit and tie and always was so nice
To anyone who came inside the door

Early on I knew this life was not for me
You worked too hard and had to be polite
When I grew up I knew I'd sleep though most the day
Play in my famous rock band every night

But later on I had to get a job -- something dangerously wild,
and nothing like my dad's

Counter-culture (I'm behind the counter) counter-culture
Counter-culture in a record store

Now I'm working at the record store all day
A place so underground, we used to sell some pipes
Monday nights I get together with the band
Once we practice we'll be great -- I know our time is right

All the guys work at the record store with me
But Tom, who sells pianos at the mall
Really soon we're gonna get a record deal
And then we'll show our bosses one and all

But as the time goes by I lose the energy, or naivety
and now I see just what I have become:

Now I'm a salesman (that's what I am) X2

I can answer your questions without any facts
While I jingle pocket change in my doubleknit slacks
I can sell you arctic parkas when you can't stand the heat
I'll even sell you python boots that don't fit your feet


©1995 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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