Unfit To Drive words and music by Scott Yoho

I spilt the coffee on my leg while going 'round a turn
I was late for work again and now I had a burn
I came upon an Oldsmobile, slowing for a light
the light was green and blocks away, I yelled with all my might

Get off the road,
Pull to the side, ahhh
You're unfit to drive

I couldn't see the driver who was causing my defeat
I just saw a patch of hair, quite blue, above the seat
The triple-A sticker boasted; "Member Fifty Years"
I'm guessing that in all that time they only used two gears


Unfit to drive, unfit to drive, unfit to drive, etc...

As I raced around the Oldsmobile I had to peek
Who could drive a car so slow, just what kind of freak?
Inside I saw my grandmother, piloting the thing
Perhaps I saw her lips move, but I swore I heard her sing;


©1995 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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