Light Humor words by Tom Hambleton: music by Tom & Scott Yoho

Well, science class in eighth grade was certainly a bore.
What we need for that class was a little light humor
The teacher continued lecturing, but we were in a rut
When suddenly the class bully bellowed, "What?".

I saw an outlet for my energy.
I could really zap 'em with words electrically.
I could socket to 'em with my word play and my mots.
Turn on witticisms, turn off science woes.

Light humor, light humor, ooooh...light humor.

"Watt, watt" I said, "It's a measurement of light,
Something that will help us to see things in the night."
The class started laughing, I knew I was the rave
As puns started flowing out in particles and waves.

"Are you too dim to see? And are you such a jerk
That you're not keeping current with your daily lab homework?"
He was shocked to hear this. He felt like such a foo
'Cause I had really zapped him with a little verbal joule.

Light humor, light humor, ooooh...light humor.

I said, "You probably desire to put my lights out.
The power in your fist is not something that I doubt.
But conduct yourself like a gentleman. I know that you conduit
Or you'll be charged with battery and statutes pursuant.".

Fluorescent a look my way, a spark was in her eye,
Happy someone's finally standing up to her guy.
You see he was the classroom bully, imposing physically,
But I was able to beat him up paronomastically.

"Why are you doing this to me? Am I such a thug?"
"Your power over weaklings" I said, "is what I must unplug"
My rapier wit hath skewered him, in fact, I stuck a cord.
An instance where the pun is much mightier than the sword.

Light humor, light humor, ooooh...light humor.

The teacher grew impatient. He had to take control.
He had taken too much static. He must reassert his role.
Then the flash came to him. He had the antidote.
So, suddenly he shouted, "Allright, you guys! Let's kilowatt jokes!"

©1995 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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