I Just Forget

I ran into you yesterday
I know your face but your name I canít say
That in itselfís not so bad, but youíve
Told me your name fifty times and Iím sad

Sad that you must think Iím too self-absorbed
To be bothered recording your name
Iíve tried all the tricks in my memory books but I
Lose what youíre called just the same

chorus: I just forget, I just forget everything [x2]

I start out my day in the bath
Already my brain has dropped simple tasks Ė have I
Conditioned or have I shampooed?
Minutes have passed, but I havenít a clue

I forget my own songs, perform hundreds of wrongs
I donít know my wifeís number at work
The name of your dad, the last party we had Ė its all
Lost and I feel like a jerk.


Itís not all bad: Iíve seen Hitchcock films dozens of times --
I still get surprised at the end - I canít hold a grudge
And who knows what Iíve lent to my friends
Whoís my friend - be my friend?


I might mourn the loss of all I once knew but
But before Iím depressed, Iíll forget why Iím blue

[chorus x2]

Words and music by Scott Yoho ©2005 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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