They Whack Balls

Bobís got an office with a window and a view
Dean just became a vice president
Iím still stuck here in the mail room,
Spreading sawdust on somebodyís accident

What is it that they do?
They get ahead, I stay behind
Perhaps itís something they do -- in their leisure time

They whack balls (x3)
They whack golf balls, tennis balls,
Racket balls, hand balls, polo balls,
Even croquet balls

Is it unfair, what happens on the fairways,
A racket mysterious and secret?
Or does success come easy to a sunburned scalp,
And a body thatís more physically fit?

Their desks are carved from hardwood trees,
My mop handles from a shrub
Perhaps itís something they do -- at or with a club

I asked dean in a weaker moment,
Drinking damp daiquiris while the sweat dripped
What the connection Ďtween success and athletics?
He looked around before he let slip:

ďThe secret of clubs and rackets
Is that itís practice thatíll cultivate,
Rehearse, drill, groom, get into shape,
The skill the successful incorporate

They whack balls (x3)
They play golf ball, tennis ball, racket ball,
Hand ball, polo ball, croquet, broom ball,
Soccer ball, football,
Soft and real hard ball

Words and music by Scott Yoho ©1992 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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