Pool Toys

We’re filled with fun by the lusty lunged
We’ll buoy your body on the water
Float you to a pleasant place
On your back just like an otter
With hearts of air and heads of breath
Any sharp object personifies death

Pool toys, we’re pool toys
Blow us up, let’s have some fun
Don’t puncture us it makes a cruel noise
A sickening sound of expiration

I’m the big green alligator
Tots are timorous of my teeth
Ride my back, I’ll be gentle
Pretend we’re skimming the coral reef
Bobbing on the calming water
Corpulent Carl does the cannonball

Pool toys, we’re pool toys
Blow us up, let’s have some fun
Your joys are our joys
The day is done, everyone is gone

Who are we? Wherefore are our cavities?
Why float we thusly? Can you tell us if we
Come from the womb or the factory?
What is our natal history?

When evening comes on the calming water
We glide without impulse
Like a whisper on the wind
And when you inflate us
We begin to ponder our ontological status
Perhaps we’re inflated with insane delight
Are we here for fun or preserving life?
‘Cause we are beyond balloons,
But not yet life preservers…

Pool toys, we’re pool toys
Screw that philosophical noise! (x2) Yea!

Words and music by Tom Hambleton ©1992 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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