Mr. Know-It-All

John’s been divorced three times
Yet every time he sees me
He advises me upon romance:
Unasked – he gives it freely
He’s certain that his expertise
With women is big help to me
Even though when he gets home
His house will still be empty

Mister Know-It-All, hats off to you (x2)

Ray’s been drinking at the bar
It bolsters up his confidence
Suddenly a music expert
He begins consulting us
He couldn’t keep a tune inside a cage*
That doesn’t matter
He’s certain he could make
Hank Aaron a better batter

The priest is fond of little boys
The neurotics a psychologist
They love to tell you what to do
There’s a know-it-all in all of us

Even though in his own life he doesn’t have a clue
When it comes to unasked-for advice
He’s Sherlock Holmes to you

Words and music by Scott Yoho ©1992 Auto Order Music (BMI)

*Okay, I sang something else, but “cage” works better with the baseball-themed mixed metaphor…

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