Motion Sickness

Four in the morning and my mom
Comes in my room to wake me up
Says: ďSon, itís time to get out on the
Road to your Aunt Astirdís House.Ē
But I donít want to go!

Itís so early I feel weíre
Breakign out of jail
The thought of Aunt Astrid
Made my stomach kinda settle some
But I donít want to go!

The morning sun begins to shine
I donw my morning meal in half the time
Mom will sleep and Dad will drive
Iíll sit back to watch it all go by

I woke to my stomach heaving
Something in my mouth
My meal had headed north while
The car had headed south
My sister scream: ďYou idiot,
You threw up on my dress!Ē
And I was quite chagrined
To be the author of this mess
A car is not the place for a boy digesting meals
His stomach starts to dance To the rhythm of the wheels

Some say I precocious
But the only time I am
Is whenmy insides are nauseous
Oh, these childhood memories
Can cuase a boy to lose his lunch!

Words and music by Tom Hambleton ©1992 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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