Let Us Be

As lettuce turns to liquid it takes on an earthen hue
It surprised me from the crisper drawer
And turned my thoughts to you
Its earthen hue or color was the same as is your hair
This is the connection I made in the Frigidaire

Why wonít you let us be together
I thought our salad days were swell
Your food and I await your return
I hope itís soon, the kitchen smells

Weeks ago our love was fresh we made a lovely pair
As the apple of your eye my absence you just couldnít bear
I know that it sounds cheesy but our love it was my bread and butter
Now youíre in a stew, and you are gonna leaf me for another

Our expiration date has passed
This song has reached its coda
Now my ice box pays the price
Stronger than the baking soda

The little yellow box is not a match for such a foe
If you must leave romance behind
Eat your food before you go

Words and music by Scott Yoho ©1992 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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