Tom Twiss plays trumpet, sings backup vocals, does some light percussion, and is responsible for the band's flash cards.

Tom received a jazz scholarship from Southern Comfort while underage in high school. He says it was a defining moment. Tom attended St. Olaf College declaring a music major, but realizing his limited earnings future, strategically switched to the lucrative field of Philosophy. Later, desiring to double his wealth potential, he went back and finished the music major as well. Despite his classical background, he still enjoys playing the Auto Body's "devil music."

Tom's attendance at jazz and classical master classes/camps have included those by Clark Terry, Alan Dean, Jay Sollenberger, Joe Williams, Chris Woods, and Chuck Mangione. (Really!) He's played occasional gigs with the Bloomington Symphony, other community orchestras, and the odd pit orchestra as well as performed with other Minnesota bands including Tina and the B Sides, Vic Volare, and Terramarra.