Tom Larson has been a member of the Auto Body Experience for twenty years. We owe him a watch and a plaque for he is awesome. Tom spent the 1990s as a roadie, sound engineer and tour manager, hob-knobbing with the likes of Michael Hedges, Patty Larkin, David Bowie, Van Morrison, Shirley MacClaine, and Kidd Rock. It was about this time that Tom became the inspiration for the song "Tom is Late," which includes the line, "He's single, he's unemployed, he's fine!"

Since then Tom has worked hard to disprove allegations made in the song. He's happily married and works in the world of corporate AV. Need an overhead, or a film-strip projector? Tom is that nerd now. Well, except he has his head in the cloud and a bluetooth. Fortunately for that he also has dental insurance.

The verdict is still out on the tardiness, at least outside of corporate America.

When not working as the bass player in residence for Dental Records, Tom wrecks cover tunes in his Twin City band the Wreck. Tom, his wife Mary, their daughter Siri, and Luna-the-lab live in an unassuming home in an otherwise quiet, secluded Minnesota neighborhood, not unlike someone in the witness relocation program. But with extended family in Colorado, he wonders if the Auto Body Experience might not expand their audience (and their repertoire of jam tunes) towards the west.