Kent Peterson is a busy Midwest musician, engineer, and producer. In addition to the percussion and vocal contributions he makes in the Auto Body Experience, he also plays bass, and has been seen in several Twin-Cities based groups, including the award winning polka band Tubby Esquire, JJ's Zydeco Paydirt, and Johnny Rey & the Reaction. Tubby Esquire’s John Schech once described Kent as being "Kind of a thinking man's Sting,” but we suspect John was making a joke.

Kent works out of his own recording studio as well as others around town. Between emptying the waste paper baskets and spreading sawdust on “accidents,” some of that work may result in “music” while some of it may result in a collection of various “body sounds”(©), all of it recorded on expensive mics with the appropriate microphone element protection.

One of Kent’s non-Auto Body musical highlights was playing bass and singing high harmonies on a Van Halen cover within earshot of Van Halen’s Michael Anthony, who responded with a facial expression suggesting a full-fledged appendicitis.

Kent’s legit daytime activities include heading up Warkwyn; an acoustical test and measurement facility in Minneapolis which specializes in speaker transducer analysis, optimization and R&D. Go figure: a guy who is so loud in person winds up helping companies be louder! Where he might be a little over his head are the tenuous associations with a beautiful wife (Beth), two handsome and smart progeny (Olivia and Kirby), and two leather couch wreckers named Georgia and Lula, meow.