Greg H. Smith plays keyboards in The Auto Body Experience. Like Yoho, Greg grew up in Brainerd, Minnesota, where his mom made him practice piano an hour every day, including a half-hour over lunch. So while all the other kids were playing kick-ball durring recess, Greg was the sissy running home to practice. And he often ran right past the tiny girl who was beating Yoho up for fun.

Greg’s piano teacher, Mrs. Henneman, was born in 1900, and was so old she could remember when scientists first discovered dirt. She had a habit of falling asleep during Greg’s lessons, then waking up to point out some perceived mistake, not realizing he had played through to a subsequent page while she slept. This, perhaps more than anything else, most prepared Greg for his work with the band.

Life in Brainerd also prepared Greg for non-musical work through his first job, scooping up after the animals at the (now defunct) Deer Forest, where he was unceremoniously fired.

Like Yoho, Greg left Brainerd after high school, but subsequently traveled further, performing heroic acts (he once spilled orange juice on Sam Donaldson’s shoe) and living as far away as New Zealand. Yoho can’t tell New Zealand from Australia, continues to believe that both used to be giant penal colonies, and figures Greg’s time there was either an effort to evade the law (and piano teachers) or was the result of some sort of archaic sentencing for an unspoken crime.

While not playing music or being paid to write computer code, Greg is often running, swimming or riding his bike – in training for a triathlon. Yoho figures this is all a continuation of Greg’s outlaw days on the lam, but perhaps Greg's just trying to get back to the cozy house with the piano.