Doug Rohde (keyboards) grew up in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. His piano teachers tried to turn him into a pi-AN ist, but Doug watched too many Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam cartoons, and hung out with the wrong crowd, and ended up being a pie-ANNA player instead.

He took improvisation lessons in Boston with unknown legend Jerry Bergonzi. Unfortunately, all Doug remembers is that Jerry had a flashlight-tag-loving albino cat named Creature.

Eventually Doug called the Twin Cities home, met lots of musicians, and played lots of music, including gigs with Shangoya, Markiss and Shades of Color, World Citizens, and Down Right Tight.

Then he and his own cat, Spud, had an Iowa adventure, helping manage Conner's Corner Bed & Breakfast with Sylvia Bachmann, in her home town of Denison, Iowa, where the terrain is very hilly, thank you very much. Sylvia tamed a feral cat and named him Opie. Now the quartet are settled into a house in south Minneapolis.

Besides being the new guy in ABE, Doug is music director for Collide Theatrical Dance Company, and plays piano in BLU-7 (ft. Sarah Greer) and The Blue Eyes Band (ft. Tim Patrick).

Doug teaches piano and improvisation at Center For Performing Arts in south Minneapolis.