Dean White played piano at age 6, but switched to the drums at 10 to meet chicks. Early on he learned how it feels to play to an empty room, perhaps in part because his high school rock band was named “Sold Out”. While studying at UWS he was further disappointed to discover that pianists get more chicks than drummers.

Dean did stints in LA (studying at MIT) and Vegas, where he was the original drummer for the still-running “Legends in Concert” show. He traveled to Japan to play with Toshifumi Hinata in "Apple", and moved back to the Midwest in a misguided attempt to lead a sane life. In addition to the ABE, Dean plays in a variety of groups including The Good, the Bad, and the Funky; Larry McDonough Jazz; and Sarah Greer.

Today he lives with his son and some swinging chicks (his wife and daughter).